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Client Testimonials


“Without the CEITON system it would not have been possible to reach our current production level of thousands of titles per year without substantial increases in equipment and personnel. The Workflow System plays a key role in all divisions. SDCE has taken a major role in the workflow customization to meet the varied and changing needs of our unique business model. To our knowledge no other tool offers the level of control and customization of that available from CEITON.”

Paul Leitner
Managing Director, Anif/Salzburg

Red Bull Media House

“The openness to integration and configuration contributed to our decision for the system from CEITON technologies. We can modify the platform according to our requirements and we have, in CEITON, a competent partner beside us.”

Andreas Gall
CTO, Salzburg

“Scheduling is always embedded in a process and this can only be modeled meaningfully without media discontinuity by a Workflow System. The process consists of planning, costing, initiation, approval, commissioning, scheduling, booking, implementing, accounting and evaluation. The core work step scheduling is so tightly bound into this process that double data input and manual coordination are avoided and instead all resources can participate in the process in real time, independently of location.”

Jürgen Schuldmaier
IT Director, Salzburg

Read more in the Press Release.

FXFACTORY Post-production

“Crucial for the investment in the CEITON Workflow system were the individual customization options, the web-browser based client application, as well as the productive capacity of the system. In the area of customizations we have already forged a trusting and efficient working relationship with CEITON.”

Monika Riediger
Managing Partner, Berlin

Emil Berliner Studios Deutsche Grammophon

“The Workflow System from CEITON is of particular importance, not only for our current production, but also especially for the future production methods within our enterprise.”

Rob Pel
Managing Director, Langenhagen/Hanover


“CEITON emerged victorious from a comparison test as the best Workflow System for processing premastering projects for SONOPRESS. It offers the possibility to standardize project-management internationally and to operate transparently with respect to clients. The involvement of development partners in the workflow and the integration into our SAP system are important for SONOPRESS.”

Rolf Höffgen
Chief Information Officer, Gütersloh

A+E Networks International

“Since the CEITON system has been integrated, we have eliminated multiple e-mails with attached dub orders, streamlined the process of distributing orders to vendors and have sped up the process of distributing our programs to clients.”

Rosanne Zoccoli
Director Production & Affiliate Service, New York

“The CEITON system has enabled us to build cross-department workflows that support our business processes and reinforce our leading position in the global content business.”

Michael Katz
Vice President, Programming & Production, New York

Read more in the Press Release.

Global Digital Media Xchange (GDMX)

“What sets CEITON apart as the system of choice for a multi dimensional content distribution center like GDMX is their ability to improve the transparency of our asset management and production workflows and to utilize a centralized system to track and archive an entire production title end to end. The speed and efficiency of CEITON Workflow System has eliminated extra unnecessary process tracking and has decreased errors due to missed steps that can fall through the cracks in a complex and fast-paced production environment.”

Derek Powell
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Los Angeles

AIX Media

“Our complex process, multiple locations, and the time sensitive nature of our production process meant we were looking for a tool to manage our complete supply chain. We knew we had to integrate all partners and suppliers into one single workflow. The web-based solution that CEITON offers was ideal for our requirements. It makes everything easy and transparent for everybody. As soon as my client initiates a particular production step, our production process can start immediately. The system is easy to use and the staff at CEITON was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.”

Mark Waldrep PhD
President and CEO, Los Angeles

Development Bank of Saxony (SAB)

“SAB faced the task of implementing the requirements of an EU cross-border development program at short notice. The project's features included an end-to-end parallel bilingual process, complex application forms and multiple locations and bodies to be coordinated with the application and its further processing. SAB chose the CEITON solution in the area of the electronic application and was thereby able to successfully fulfil all SAB’s requirements within a very short time frame – not least because of the flexible customizing options. The ensuing operation of the solution over the past few years has been characterised by its stability and ease of maintenance.”

Frank Stammer
Chief Information Officer, Dresden

TaurusMedia Digital

“For us, the professional handling of orders and the correct billing of these services to our customers is a high priority. CEITON’s software supported us so well that, after a year, we also successfully rolled out the solution at our sister company TaurusMedia Licence Service.”

Stefanie Loester
Managing Director, Munich

Bavariapool Services

“With the workflow system we create automated electronic tasks for individual employees and so we can all work together more efficiently. This allowed us to improve greatly the transparency of ongoing projects and the planning of new tasks. During the implementation and thereafter in support, even at short notice, we could always rely on CEITON.”

Thilo Henn
Head of Transfer & Digital Service, Munich

BASISberlin Postproduction

“After a long search, we decided on CEITON. With the software came the structure we always wanted for ourselves. It perfected the implementation of many individual processes and orders in our post-production house. With the fast and flexible adaptation and the outstanding service, the integration was accomplished in the shortest time. Also, the communication with the customer gives CEITON a professional edge and the desired openness. For us, CEITON paid for itself in no time.”

Tobias Siebert
Co-Founder, Berlin

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