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Workflow + Scheduling (for People & Systems)

CEITON is the leading software product for planning, controlling and billing of business processes.

The goal of the system is to organize the flow of information between people, companies and systems so speed, transparency, controllability, efficiency and quality are achieved.

The solution is so flexible that it is currently used out-of-the-box by companies with just ten employees, yet also highly customized by multinational corporations.

Unrestricted modeling allows the platform to be implemented in the most diverse production and service processes: from TV and post production, through engineering and IT, to banking and pharmaceutical workflows through auditing and quality management.

Last but not least, patented technologies enable the use of the entire system in a regular web-browser: making it user-friendly and accessible - anywhere, at any time.


New CEITON user interface - here is the Time tracking of our Scheduling module:

Client Testimonials

“Crucial were the individual customization options of the system. In the area of customizations we have already forged a trusting and efficient working relationship with CEITON.”

Monika Riediger, FXFACTORY Post-production

“The Workflow System from CEITON is of particular importance, not only for our current production, but also especially for the future production methods within our enterprise.”

Rob Pel, Emil Berliner Studios Deutsche Grammophon

“CEITON emerged victorious from a comparison test as the best Workflow System. It offers the possibility to standardize project-management internationally and to operate transparently with respect to clients.”

Rolf Höffgen, SONOPRESS

“CEITONs software allowed us to improve greatly the transparency of ongoing projects and the planning of new tasks.”

Thilo Henn, TaurusMedia Digital

“Scheduling is always embedded in a process and this can only be modeled meaningfully without media discontinuity by a Workflow System. All resources can participate in the process in real time, independently of location.”

Jürgen Schuldmaier, Red Bull Media House

“The CEITON system has enabled us to build cross-department workflows that support our business processes and reinforce our leading position in the global content business.”

Michael Katz, A+E Networks International

“What sets CEITON apart is their ability to improve the transparency of our production workflows by utilizing a centralized system to track and archive an entire production title end to end.”

Derek Powell, Global Digital Media Xchange (GDMX)

“With CEITON came the structure we always wanted. For us, the solution paid for itself in no time.”

Tobias Siebert, BASISberlin Postproduction

“The web-based solution that CEITON offers was ideal for our requirements and makes everything easy and transparent for everybody. The staff at CEITON was extremely helpful.”

Mark Waldrep PhD, AIX Media

“SAB chose the CEITON solution in the area of the electronic application and was thereby able to successfully fulfil all SAB’s requirements within a very short time frame.”

Frank Stammer, Development Bank of Saxony (SAB)

“CEITON’s software supported us so well that, after a year, we also successfully rolled out the solution at our sister company TaurusMedia Licence Service.”

Stefanie Löster, TaurusMedia Digital

“Without the CEITON system it would not have been possible to reach our current production level of thousands of titles per year. To our knowledge no other tool offers the level of control and customization of that available from CEITON.”

Paul Leitner, SONY DCE (DADC)

“The openness to integration and configuration contributed to our decision for CEITON. We can modify the platform according to our requirements and we have, in CEITON, a competent partner.”

Andreas Gall, Red Bull Media House

“Since the CEITON system has been integrated, we have streamlined the process of distributing orders to vendors and have sped up the process of distributing our programs to clients.”

Rosanne Zoccoli, A+E Networks International

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  • First CEITON User Group Meeting took place
    Leipzig, Germany, 12/2018
  • expertplace solutions supports “Deutschlandstipendium“
    Leipzig, Germany, 11/2018
  • TV 2, Norway’s Leading Commercial Television Broadcaster, uses CEITON
    Bergen, Norway, 07/2018


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General FAQ's

What is CEITON?

A business software for planning, controlling and accounting of more complex business processes.

Why do I need CEITON?

Because email, phone and tools such as spreadsheets are simply too costly and inefficient for process coordination and monitoring.

Who are the competitors?

Other workflow systems on the one hand, and other scheduling systems on the other hand. No one else can do both.

What distinguishes CEITON from other systems?

We manage complete and dynamic core processes rather than just trivial, painted secondary processes.

When does one buy CEITON?

If there are no standard solutions for the individual processes, and you do not want to program code.

In which industries does CEITON work?

Our solution is industry independent. We are leading in the media industry because we began there.

How large is the organization?

Established in 2000, we are now a team of over one hundred developers and consultants in six locations.

Professional FAQ's

What is the main benefit?

Less manual work, better quality, higher visibility and predictability, shorter turn-around time.

How are processes controlled?

By getting the right information in the right format to the right resource at the right time (the four R's).

How are users involved?

Employees, freelancers, suppliers or customers receive their information in individually modeled forms.

How are resources informed about tasks?

People have a task list and can be informed by email. Systems receive interface calls.

Does CEITON replace my existing systems?

Rarely, rather these are synchronized under a workflow to avoid process breaks and copy and paste.

Do we reduce employees via CEITON?

Normally, customers increase productivity and improve their market position instead.

Is there CEITON as a standard solution?

Yes, there are quite a few out-of-the-box components that can be used productively within one day, including training.

Technical FAQ's

Can I build workflows by myself?

Yes, the platform is completely designed to allow customers to develop or expand workflows by themselves.

Can CEITON run on my PC or Mac?

Yes, the system is 100% web-based and is available everywhere in the world at any time via a web browser.

Is CEITON a hosted service?

In general, customers host the solution on their own hardware or let them operate in a professional data center.

Is there a Mobile App?

Yes, you can operate the solution on the go using touch screens and on small displays.

Is CEITON safe?

Yes, CEITON is also used in the banking sector, and penetration tests are held regularly.

Does CEITON have interfaces to my systems?

Because each workflow has different requirements, you can easily define interfaces without programming. We already have more than 100 interfaces.

What systems can be integrated?

All kinds: from email over ERP, CMS, DMS, archive and store systems, to QC, encode or transfer apps etc.